1. New Media Interactive Console
Release Date: January 7th 2018 USD 19.99 (Free for Early Adopters till Q2)
Note: Due to CopyRight Protection issues, the release date is tentatively now pushed back to January 21st. The Console comes with Demo content which has to be cleared by its publishers, and so we remain at the mercy of the process. Check back here often, however, for documentation and user guide videos in the interim.

The New Media Interactive Console is an exciting new platform for creating and presenting interactive multimedia content: Think iTunes on AISteroids. In addition to video, audio, text and images, the users may also fashion out interactive dialogs using our proprietary Orishanla Intelligent Interactive Agent, programmable by use of the ATrillionSemantix Interactive Content Builder tool that allows content creators add autonomous agency to their presentations. See videos below for demo. Early adopters may download the first release version for FREE beginning January 1st 2018. ATrillion-Semantix specializes in Autonomous Agents that give applications interactive capacity, and we would very much like to drive the conversation by testing our first release without any constraints, that we might refine the model and further engage the market in ways that are more intuitive, and ultimately meaningful, to the user. Early adopters who download the FREE version in Q1 will get the Q2 upgrade for FREE as well, to coincide with the opening of the AI Store where .ai content files may be uploaded by registered content providers for sale in much the same way users now currently buy mp3 files on any of the available digital platforms. Of course, the ATrillion-Semantix difference is that we give content providers English Interactivity while other platforms do not; as well as a multi-faceted multimedia presentation space (i.e. not just music, or videos, but a combination of audio, video, text, images) made programmable using our content builder. Please send all feedback using the contact form at the top of the page.

Interactive Agent Content Builder (Window Setup Download)
New Media Interactive Console (Window Setup Download)

Find here instructions for creating interactive content using our Content Builder. The .ai format allows users to combine audio, video, images and text along with programmable dialog interactivity. Coming in Q2, the .ai store where users can upload and make available created content. Think of .ai files as the evolution of the well-known mp3/mp4/.wav digitial formats.

(USER GUIDE download)

2. ATrillion-Semantix Enterprise AI-ToolKit

Release Date: February 1st 2018

Please Check Back for updates.