1. New Media Interactive Console
Beta Release (Early Adopters)
This version is free for early adopters. Beginning Q2, comes the .ai store and Full Release Version 1. Retail $19.99. The bundle is the Interactive Console, the .ai Content Builder and the User Guide Documentation.

New Media Interactive Console (Beta Release Download)

.ai Content Builder Download (Beta Release)

Documentation and User Guide

Interactive Multimedia Presentation Format

The Interactive Multimedia Presentation Format is a proprietary presentation format that allows users to augment video and audio presentations with text/image data pages and English-Language interactivity. These augmentations enhance the presentations providing a context for content-related information, education, instruction and intelligence. The English-Language Interactivity allows users to dialog with the console’s Orishanla Autonomous Agent, programmable using the ATrillion-Semantix New Media Content Builder.
The IMPF format files are stored using the “.ai” extension and can be loaded into the Interactive Console in the same way one opens up a regular Word document for instance. The New Media Console comes, upon initial download, with four demonstration “.ai” files and the Content Builder with which the user can create their own interactive/enhanced content. The Version 2 release of the Console will incorporate Digital Rights Management so that users can upload created and copyrighted content to an “.ai App store” beginning Q2 2018.

Early adopters may download the first release version for FREE beginning February 1st 2018. Early adopters who download the FREE version in Q1 will get the Q2 upgrade for FREE as well, to coincide with the opening of the AI Store where .ai content files may be uploaded by registered content providers for sale in much the same way users now currently buy mp3 files on any of the available digital platforms. Of course, the ATrillion-Semantix difference is that we give content providers English Interactivity while other platforms do notPlease send all feedback using the contact form at the top of the page.

(Do NOT buy yet. Download FREE version. Users with Beta Release can upgrade to Release Version for FREE as well)

Coming in Q2, the .ai store where users can upload and make available created content. Think of .ai files as the evolution of the well-known mp3/mp4/.wav digitial formats.

2. ATrillion-Semantix Enterprise AI-ToolKit
This is the full-blown Knowledge Representation and Reasoning/AI toolkit for the Enterprise.

Release Date: April 1st 2018

Please Check Back for updates.